Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No more Cum On Feel The Noize! Kevin DuBrow R.I.P.

So maybe you read this sad news already but  yeah, one more 1980s L.A. Glam rocker is no more.  Quiet Riot's vocalist Kevin DuBrow was found dead yesterday in his home in Las Vegas. He was 52. 

What can I say? I used to be fan when I first started listening to metal music back in mid 1980s, he had a super cool voice. One of the first riffs I learned to play on electric guitar was Quiet Riot's 'Metal Health (Band Your Head)'. It was that easy, yet cool too. 

I guess the real C.S.I. Las Vegas dudes get to do the autopsy and find out about the why and the what. 


Anonymous said...

That's a loss. This has been a sad week, as also the finnish punk legend Pete "Räkä" Malmi passed away earlier. Along with Andy McCoy he was one of the founding members of Briard, who shocked the masses way back in 1977.

Jussi said...

Yea, I just realized I maybe should have blogged abottu Räkä-Malmi instead.

But I actually listened to Quiet Riot while that legendary one and only Briard single "I really hate you!" (I think that was the title?) was always impossible to get...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're hard to get. I have the "F**k The Army" song on a compilation tape. It has some cool lyrics like "I don't wanna run a round with a heavy sack on my back... F**k the army"... So 70's IMHO

Fiil Inc said...

RIP Kevin and Pete Malmi too.

I was never so much into finnish punk (tho i never had anything against it either) but Quiet Friggin Riot were my mans! I even got the crappy QRIII album when they went all softie on us glam metal kids.

And QR always were a perfect breeding ground for LA metal musicians (and an enless source for Ozzy to find musicians for his bands) too. Check out this list of musicians who used to play with these dudes (courtesy of wikipedia, who else?):

Frankie Banali
Chuck Wright
Alex Grossi

Former members
Kevin DuBrow
Carlos Cavazo
Rudy Sarzo
Paul Shortino
Drew Forsyth
Randy Rhoads
Kenny Hillery
Kelly Garni
Sean McNabb
Neil Citron
Tony Franklin
Billy Morris
Wayne Carver
Tracii Guns
Tony Cavazo
Juan Croucier
Bobby Rondinelli