Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pimpin' like my daddy

For all you non-finnish readers, let me tell you something: the summer's really early this year in here (okay, now i might've jinxed it and tomorrow it probably snows...). It's sunny and almost 20 degrees on the celsius scale. That calls for some sort of a celebration, and i'm not talking bout Mayday (Vappu) tomorrow. No way, Jorge, that shit is for beginners. The hardcore partying starts only after Mayday.

If you survive until saturday (May 3rd) and you're in Helsinki, be sure to come over to the club Big Pimpin at We Got Beef. Kriton's very own Alppila aka Fiil Inc aka myself spins rap/soul/rnb/aor/electronic/other with resident deejay Henrikki (remember this mix?). Who knows, i might even put on a Kriton remix or two.

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