Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kritonic Updates

Ok, it's time get back 2 the basics. At Kriton Music we spend our time blogging about bicycle parts and all sorts of other weirdness. And sometimes forget to post the most obvious stuff in here - new Kriton tracks of course.

So heres a quick update - two new tracks form the Kriton factory!

The new Kriton High School Banger "Do The Damn Thang" is all about the techno and "Ghetto Feet" is yours truly taking a dip into the Juke pool with Dude N Nem's massive hit. Enjoy these babies!

Do The Damn Thang (320 kbs, zshare link)

Ghetto Feet (320 kbs, zshare link)


Anonymous said...

I say he** yeah! But more to come. the next track is pretty x-rated stuff to be honest. Club, yeah sure, but durtty, yeah also. Just wait---

My neck, my back...


Fiil Inc said...

...lick my my p***y and my c***k...