Monday, March 31, 2008

THIS IS A HOLD-UP! NOBODY MOVE, NOBODY GETS HURT!!! And eco-friendly stick-up old man hits...

Whoa, how about this? The old dude above in the pic robbed a kiosk in Arabianranta district in Helsinki yesterday evening on sawed-off shotgun point.

The police have not yet managed to recognize him, let alone catch him. Apparently he scored a couple of hundred Euros and ran away, just like that. 

Like Melle Mel said, 'It's like jungle some times...' and hey, this is pretty close to where I live and where I go taking my sunday walks with my family and riding my bike and so on. There are also a bunch of our friends living in and around the 'hood there. Pretty scary, eh?

Anyhow, if you see or recognize him, give the cops a Holla! on either of these numbers: 09-1895464 or 09-1894002.

I know we've said some nasty things about our Helsinki cops here on our blog before so I feel that we need to make up for that by trying to help them a bit here.

Also, I need to point out that when I go shopping for groceries to feed my hungry family, I rock the exact same type of environmentally conscious canvas shopping bag, instead of a plastic bag. I'm an environmentally conscious type of person after all, just like the robber seems to be. For this reason I give him one point for the eco-factor.

I'm also tempted to give him another style point for the fact that he had an old school sawed-off shotgun, which is IMHO the second most credible gun to be used for criminal activities in the urban jungle, after the legendary Uzi. But since we all are really against any kind of violence and firearms here in the Kriton Hippy Treehugger Camp, he gets no points for that. Sorry, dude.

EDIT: The police have now recognized and caught the robber. According to the news, he hasn't yet admitted that he did, though. Anyhow, the streets are safer around here again.

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I like the police,