Wednesday, March 05, 2008

She wants to lead the Glamorous Life

We havent posted so many dj-mixes here in the Kriton Blog so far, unless they've been our own or something like that. But now is a good chance to change that. Since a good buddy of ours, DJ Henrikki made a new hot mix (and he doesn't make new tapes just every day) - The Glamorous Life.

Now Henrikki, responible for the one of the nicest rap clubs in Helsinki, Big Pimpin, is best known for his skills in hiphop stuff. But this time he's decided to show how versatile he can be, by mixing together a whole lot of 80's synth classics, house, electronic and other things that you wouldnt expect (see the track list above!). And the title is obviously taken from the immortal 80's gem by Sheila E.

Dowload the mix here (zshare)

And oh yeah, the covers of course made by yours truly

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Anonymous said...

Big Up HenrikkI!