Friday, November 17, 2006

For the Love of Sneakers. Price 1800 U.S. Dollars

Hi, my name is jzZi and I am an Ebay-a-holic. But whatever, but there is so much cool stuff there.

Hennessy was blogging here about sneakers some time ago and yeah, I love ‘em too. I have scored more than my share of sneakers from eBay but just look at this Ebay-deal: apparently some people love & cherish rubbery kicks more than others.

The auction ended last weekend but lord, 1800 dollars sure is a lot of money to pay for a cardboard boxful of nostalgia from 1985. Especially when the same seller is auctioning a pair of similar original Air Jordan One's, currently for only USD 11.50.

1 comment:

Kriton Music said...

ok, now that we got the Google Ad Sense hustle back on track, we all gonna be millionaires. so might as well check on some those almost-2-g Nike Aurrs...

or maybe not. they're not even so hot. for 18 hunnid you should be able to get something flyer than those!