Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's a dirty Yob, but someone's gotta do it.

Being a young person in the windy island of the Britons must be hard nowadays. First they banned you from football games if you had a registered history of rioting in these matches. You wuz surely a dangerous hooligan. Then they didn’t let you in certain pubs/bars/clubs if you happened to wear a Burberry cap. You wuz a friggin Chav. Now they have you under heavy surveillance if you wear a hoodie, you must be a goddamn Yob!. And being a Yob, means that you are most definitely suffering from ASBO, you little rascal!

We’ve come a long way from the 90’s lad culture, which was amusing, but pretty positive in most aspects. A bit of degrading of women, some overuse of alcohol and some stupid behaviour, that’s all.

But are these chavs and yobs really such a danger to average tea-and-biscuit-posse , or is this just a new fad of the media in the UK. You should check out Macintyre’s Big Sting. and make up your own mind…

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Kriton Music said...

i have to say that even i, who know mostly all of the new sub-genres in southern rap music (the thin line between trap and snap), have a little difficulty following all the misfit/white trash youth trends in the UK.

i mean, the same types of kids exist probably all around the world. but the brits must have like a special committee in the House of Lords to come up with new dumb-ass names for all these groups as soon the old ones break into common language. there is no other explanation.