Monday, May 15, 2006

Free Kukkapuro chairs and other things

Big corporate companies are very funny. For example this big-arse publishing corporation that my dad works for (let's just call 'em Talent-bum) is moving from its former premises next door to where i live. So they decided to get rid of bunch of old crap they wont be needing in their new fancy office. I happened to check in the room they filled with throwaway stuff in the basement and copped these two Yrjö Kukkapuro chairs (Skaala 427, in the pic above). And my peeps got like 12 Artek chairs (611 and 45 that i'm gonna steal from 'em someday).

On other things, a huge load of nu crap on the Kriton Radio! Today i just uploaded the upcoming DJ Shadow banger Seeing Thangs featuring the almighty David Banner, and bay area hyphy-masters Nump and Gold. Shit is so tight, shadow-athmospherics and staight out bangin crunk beats. DJ Shadow nerds be crying and whinin bout this though.. Poor geeks!

Then we got the super good new Sleepy Brown party anthem Margaritas with Pharrell Williams and Big Boi from OutKast. And the new single Chevy Ridin' by Dre (not Dr. Dre, you fool, Dre from Miami's hottest producer duo Cool & Dre) and hustlemaniac Rick Ross. Plus "Sewn" by The Feeling, my favorite pop band right now, who is also almost my namesake!

That's for today. Still so much stuff posted a couple of weeks ago: like new hot Christina Milian, Who's Gonna Ride feat. Three 6 Mafia (my fave r&b-track right now) and Rihanna's contagious We Ride (we seem to have a real ridin' theme here). Plus a new hot joint from Obie Trice & Akon "Snitch", Sweden's Petter doin' "Det går bra nu" remix with Fabolous, Bitch Ass Darius' Ride (back to the ridin' theme; but also the guy's got fuckin coolest artist name i've heard in a while!), new Killa Cam & Lil Weezy, Touch It Or Not, the remix of T.I.'s Why You Wanna featuring our favorite backpacker turned ladies man Q-Tip, new Mobb Deep that doesn't suck even though it's G-Unit, new reggae-influenced Lil Flip (call him Fliperachi now!), hipster-fave Justice from Paris France, Jamie Foxx & Twista on a slow jam tip again, new surprisingly good Dudley Perkins, AND the usual down-south ish from D4L, Pimp C, Da Muzicianz, Dem Franchize Boyz and Da Backwudz.
Enjoy that stuff baby, until we go'n take it away for good! Kriton Radio fa life!

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Hennyman said...

Great stools, buddy. Ok, technically they're not really stools, but I like the way that word sounds, especially in a 50's nyorican jewish accent ("SHTOOOOOLSS"). And great, detailed information on the palylist, me gotsta go and tun' it up now and rock the office!