Friday, May 19, 2006

LBLA - Soft Rock fa Life!

Alright, the summer is coming. And when it's summer you don't wanna bum yourself out with gloomy goth music. That's just so teen-angsty. You will need good ADULT rock/pop/soul music. And what better way to hear that music than Kriton Radio?

This week i present to you a selection called "L.B.L.A." (short for Life Beyond Los Angeles, which is actually an album by Ambrosia...). The perfect, drivin, kissing, chilling-out, magazine-reading, getting-drunk-to- music there is. Here are a couple of originals i had to take off the CD version, because of the selection's massive length. So basically this is LBLA - the director's cut. The friggin radio blog just messed with the track order and i can't be bothered to mess it back. So now you have the tracks running from 18 to 1. Hope that's okay with you, dudes & dudettes?

The original track list of LBLA goes like this:


Banda Black Rio: Maria Fumaca (1977)
Jorge Santana: I Love The Way (1978)
Ambrosia: Living On My Own (1980)
Toto: Takin' It Back (1978)
Kenny Loggins: This Is It (1979)
Fleetwood Mac: Dreams (1977)
Eddie Money: Two Tickets To Paradise (1977)
Jackson Browne: Somebody's Baby (1982)
The Babys: Everytime I Think Of You (1978)
Player: Baby Come Back (1978)
Michael McDonald: Yah Mo B There (1983)
Bobby Caldwell: Whay You Won't Do For Love (1977)
JP Rodgers Jr: I Enjoy Your LOve (1982)
Steely Dan: FM (1978)
Todd Rundgren: Can We Still Be Friends (1978)
and the bonus tracks are:

Christopher Cross: Sailing (1980)
Pablo Cruise: Cool Love (1980)
Isley Brothers: Summer Breeze (1973)
Chicago: Saturday In The Park (1972)

Be cool my babies!


Hennyman said...

I recently played this compilation at the office, and It was much more popular than Krafwerk and Rainbow (!) than we also listened to. It kix butt!

Kriton Music said...

OMG, for the first time we got A REALLY COOL GOOGLE AD! Like, hand painted old skool style t-shirts that say "BAY AREA" nad have a graphic of the Golden Gate. We need those. Kriton NEEDS those!

Hennyman said...

I saw Dr Jay's ad here a few days ago. I kinda digged dat.