Thursday, May 11, 2006

Helsinki was Burning. R.I.P. Makasiinit.

Continuing on the fate of the Makasiinit and Alppila’s last posting:

Burning of the Makasiinit was the best thing that could possibly happen in this situation. The place was ordered to be demolished anyway but only two days before that it was destroyed by a massive fire. And now all politicians who ordered the place to be torn down in the first place are playing Jesus and pretending to be sorry that "the story of Makasiinit had to end like that". Apparently the prime minister even said he expected there to be a human chain trying to stop the beginning of the demolishing on morning when the work was going to start. Just f**k off. Best political protest is always the one that leaves the police in full riot gear standing on an empty street, looking stupid and wondering where the demonstrators are.

The rumour going around has it that “some crazy anarchist” torched the place with couple of Molotow cocktails and also the police with their C.S.I. and everything seems to believe in the planned arson theory. However, anyone who fails to see the message of the act, must be just stupid. Sure, too bad the building was destroyed and not conserved but let’s face it, Makasiinit were not meant to be conserved in any meaningful form anyway. The building was just going to be torn down quietly, as if everyone would forget it, just like that. But then, maybe the place was really just located a little bit too good for it self, facing the Parliament.

Makasiinit was a cool place, it was the only real spot left for any counter, street and youth culture in central Helsinki, which was not 100% commercial and controlled by the Man. During last ten years there were a lot of different parties and festivals, the flea market, skateboarding hall and other nice activities in the absolute centre of Helsinki.

Some pics here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We salute the place, the spirit, the memory and everyone who ever went there or organized anything there.

R.I.P. Makasiinit.


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Yeah, just like Beavis & Butthead (i can't remember which one) cleverly put it: YEAAH, LET'S BURN STUFF. FIRE IS COOL. And it is, or can you argue with that?

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