Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kriton team longboard report #2

Last friday the Kriton Posse took their boards to various downhill spots in Helsinki to do some cruising. It was great,we all had a blast, and no one got hurt. We took over the long curvy road leading from Uimastadion to the parking lot of Stadion, and also tried the area around Hartwall arena. This week we gonna try something else. We love it.

It just proved that you can be over thirty and get a new hobby. Besides longboarding I've also started road cycling this summer ( see my bike here). I've been mountain biking for like 7 years now, so this kinda bikes were a bit weird to me. My ride is not a pure road/track bike, it's more like a urban shuttle type-o-thang, it a singlespeed, so there are no gears to get in the way. It has a flip-flop hub), so you could easily turn it into a fixed gear bike, but that's next year, right?


Anonymous said...

yesh, we had a blast and these photos came out real nice too. again tomorrow.

btw, i just happened to check out hennessy's flickr collection and the brother's got some nice pics posted! of course some of them were photographed by me, so that figures ;) but all in all a real pretty collection of travel pics, helsinki pics, drunken pics, studio pics, family pics, crazy subway pics of drunken new yorkers and stuff like that.

just click on that skateboarding photo on the blog to check out dude's other photos!

***fiil inc***

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I posted a few of your pics from our trips to NYC as well, I happened to have them on my comp.

- Hennyster

Fiil Inc said...

mmmmm, those good ole trips to nyc...
those were the days, mayne!!

but tonight Kriton LBC (Long Board Club) is heading off to Jzzi's hood (Vallila) to christen a brand new spot. finna be hott!

Kriton Music said...


That's me right there on the picture!!!

Fiil Inc said...

damn right that's Young Jzzi on da pic, doing his damn thing! wreck-a-nyce!