Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I can still feel it...

We've already posted way too many entries concerning Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight, so why stop now?
I think I'm just gonna go on and on blogging, as long as i've got something to write about that song.

A classic is a classic is a classic, and you can't even ruin it by making an atmospheric tribal deep house remix of it.
Well, I'm sure you could. But Osunlade didn't.

Here's Osunlade's brand new remix of In The Air Tonight (out on 12" on some label which i can't remember right now)

Osunlade vs. Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight (mp3)


Anonymous said...

BTW Osunlade played live at the Flow festival two years ago and apparently his set was some real hot shit. I believe that. Hypnotic, w/ Phil Collins or no Phil Collins.

Anonymous said...

the label was jamsteady