Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The tipping point

All who have read Gladwell's book by the same name know what the term means. It's basically a point, when a previously rare phenomenon becomes rapidly and dramatically more common. Like crocs sandals some time ago (yucch!, Ok, let's not go there, but crocs are not for adults, and especially not for adult males youhearme!), and now they're a real mass phenomenon.

Well, these last weeks must have been the tipping point for Facebook here in Finland. As I write this a lot of finnish peeps are signing up for the service. Facebook has been quite popular in the US since last september when it opened up for the masses (previously it was a reserved for students), and now it seems to get a hold here in the northern hemisphere. When I tried it last spring it seemed like another place for social networking like MySpace, but it's technically a lot more advanced. You can so easily add cool applications that really work and the interface is pretty good when u get the hang of it. U just gotta play around with it. And I fell for it this week.

What makes me wonder is what's gonna happen to MySpace, or is this going to draw crowds from more "adult" services like LinkedIn.

However the Kriton Posse is alreade there, and we likes it. Let's just wait if this really becomes a mass phenomenon, it sure seems like it, 'cos the buzz is really big at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

I'm hooked already. And I always hated MySpace's personal pages, they sucked big time. Shitty look, super bad user interface and generally confusing everything.

But it's dead already. Hah.