Monday, August 13, 2007

Reggae Album of the year goes to...

Coooooooooolllieeeeeee Buuuuuuddddddz. To make it short: get Collie Buddz's album now. I heard it first time like a month ago (don't ax me how I gottit...), but it took me until this weekend to realize that this one is a true killer. You have heard the biggest singles maybe too many times (come around, mamacita...), but as a whole this is one of the best albums that has come out in reggae for a long time. Me likes it.

And there are some killer tunes that have not yet been released as singles, like "Haterz / Blind to you", which keeps ringing in my head all the time.

It gwaaaan like dis..

"I'm blind to you haterz,
Cya touch me war instigators,
Me say me busy love lately,
Ask you how the world ah run so"


Anonymous said...

The CB album is very good indeed. Hope it will get all the attention that it deserves.

But the rule here in Kritonland goes: when you make posts about new tracks, you better link up, link up!

So here's some links to that Haterz track:

Youtube "video"

zshare mp3 (256 kbs)

=fiil inc=

Hennyman said...

Ya mon, mi know di deal, nah stress mon. Nex time me a promise, links will come