Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Hype Machine

In the digital age if you want to be ahead and know what's coming up next on the music scene, you can't really rely on official charts and media. I mean, even the Billboards and such are good indicators of what's happening right now with the masses (album, single and even downloaded music sales) but it's the blogs where the action is. You might have build your own iGoogle or Netvibes account to follow the latest RSS-feeds of your favourite blogs, but here's a good site to see what the blogosphere is buzzing about: The Hypemachine

Obviously Hypemachine is not perfect, 'cos it don't have Kriton Music indexed :-), but it's a nice service though. Recently we've covered one out of three top artists with our posts about Kanye's fixed gear 'cos the most blogged ones for the time being are Kanye, Cut Copy and MGMT.

But let's fix that: Cut Copy really rocks and so does MGMT.

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