Monday, December 08, 2008


I guess so, since Blogger seems to think that. The blog in case is, my personal blog where i post new thigs i've accomplished in the wonderful world of graphics (a.k.a. "piirtelen tikku-ukkoja"). Blogger has some sort of a auto-bot that goes through blogs and notices if they have SPAM BLOG type of qualities (whatever they may be) and right now they've spotted MY DEAR OLD BLOG with their all seeing eye. I'm scared, dude!

So now I just asked them to check it, so they'll see it's COMPLETELY HARMLESS. But how will i know if Blogger will approve it? After all, they may find my graphics "like just sooooo late 2007/early 2008" that they just can't compete with the illustrator hipsters of 2009. "Like soooo lame, this guy is still using gradient slides and photo grain textures". "Dude, we so HAVE TO kick this loser outta here!!"...

So if you wanna go and see my much-dreaded SPAM BLOG, go here and visit. It's not such a bad place.


Fiil Inc said...

Well it seems now that the saga has come to a happy ending. I guess the Blogger staff just let me off the hook and decided i'm not a SPAM BLOGGER after all!


Anonymous said...

But are you, really?