Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Entourage appreciation & vote post

In my opinion Entourage is still the best show on air. The biggest problem is that I really can't decide who's the best character? The sneaker lovin' hip hop wannabe Turtle, the misbehaving and constantly cursing agent Ari Gold or Johnny Drama, who thinks his calves are too skinny? Or the gay assistant of Ari, Lloyd, who gets verbally abused on each episode? Or is it still Eric who is the one keeping the posse together? Or just plain Vinny, Vincent, Vincenzo, the main jefe, the pretty one?

Well you're gonna help me with this one or just voice your own opinion. Click and vote!

Who is your favourite character from the tv series
Ari Gold
Vinnie Chase
Johnny Drama
Eric Murphy

1 comment:

Fiil Inc said...

ahhh, maaan! the problem is my favorite dude keeps changing with each episode... but let's go with the guy who was my FIRST favorite in this show... i'll go cast my vote now.