Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kanye Haz A Fixie

As recently revealed by Hennessy, our blog posts about Kanye's as well as Pharrell's new fixed gear bicycle purchases have been some of the most popular ones we ever wrote. 

So to celebrate that, peep the photo above, borrowed from the Fixed Gear Trickster/Blogger Extraordinaire, Mr. John Prolly. If you're into all that bicycle stuff, check out his blog, as well as mine to keep your head in the game, homie. 


Anonymous said...

Is that surreal sci-fi thing a "tarck bike"?

- H3nnY

Jussi said...

Weeell, I guess that more like a concept bike but on the other hand Bianchi Pista Concept currently is one of the most sought after hipster fixie bikes out there...