Monday, July 31, 2006

How Indie am I?

As I mentioned before, I have been into good ol' Alternative Rock lately, (and I do recognize that indie and alt.rock are of course not same thing) as I am a white male in my early 30ies with an apparent and strong tendency of nostalgizing everything. Then I found this link (below) in Giac's blog. Doing the test and the results I got just proves what I wrote a while a go, even if I am a tad bit dissappointed in scoring only 60%, 6% less than Mr. Interflug, but I guess that this is my punishment from loving some good bloody beef every once in a while.

You Are 60% Indie

You're pretty indie, but you don't make a fuss letting everyone know.
You just do what you like. You enjoy many types of things - from trendy to bizarre.


Hennyman said...

Same here, Same here. I took the test twice (don't ask why) and results were

55 % indy
60 % indy

I guess I should't take the test third time, because I could get a figure even larger than that...

Kriton Music said...

hey, i am only 51 percent indie, although i tried to convince 'em with some really indie-lifestyle-loving answers. boo-hoo, fellaz.

anyway, what's really poppin right now is the new SLAYER album. that shit aint about being weak, vulnerable, cute or ironic. that stuff is for for some beef-loving, beer drinking, car driving real men. what i hope to be someday.

listen to the first 1/2 minutes of that album and be convinced, that the only metal album worth hearing this year is out now. geddit?

ps. check out our studio buddy Mark's comment about jzzi's ever growing emo-love on our myspace site
is he on point or what?

Hennyman said...

Slayer fokkin rawks! Haven't heard the new album (or any Slayer albums for the last 10 years to be exact), but I'll take your word for it. However I guess a whole album of Slayer might be just too much for me.

Hennyman said...

I tried to listen to the new Slayer album in the car last weekend. I was a good metal experience allright, but after the 3rd song I had to skip it and go for some Rick Ross and Dj Khaled.. Sorry