Thursday, July 13, 2006

Justin Timberlake is back, Sexy Back.

Since we have only been blogging about dead people here recently, we need to get on with a bit more uplifting vibe. So, let's concentrate on Justin Timberlake. What can you say about him? Even if he started out in Mickey Mouse Club and N*Sync, he also went out with Britney when she was still, well - decide for yourself, as well all those other girls. Then he worked with Timbaland and Snoop and so on and so on. Oh, wait, then there was of course the Janet & the nipple incident...

Anyhow, the dude is about ready to drop a new album and here is a special gift for yo’all and yo’iPods, a new track and the first single from the boy wonder, ‘Sexy Back’. Just grab it quickly while it is still up there.

I have no idea who produced it or any of that but I am happy that he didn’t try to go Baile Funk or Hyphy or whatever. But the track is “kinda dancefloor-friendly” and "European-sounding" and "electronic", no doubt about that. Besides that I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is any good really.

Edit: apparently the track is produced by Timbaland again, he even sings there if you actually bother to listen to the track.


Kriton Music said...

okay, its summer vacationing season and i'm behind my pop music schedule. so now that i finallu have heard the JT single, i can honestly say it's hot.

You simply cannot go wrong with a Timbaland-sung chorus like that. Damn we all have missed the big fat guy's vocals haven't we. Plus JT himself sounds more like a girl than ever. And he says "motherfucker" on the lyrics. This be on some goodshite, mang.

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