Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sell All That Guitar Shit And Buy A Sequencer!

I have recently discovered my old electric guitar and all my guitar pedals (as well as some new old ones from the ’Bay) after many years and started playing guitar again. Incidentally I have started listening good old guitar-stuff like Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, Pavement, Sonic Youth and all those ‘alternative rock’ bands from early 90s again. My girlfriend thinks I am regressing back the me of fifteen years ago and she might have a point there.

However, today Giac sent me an email with the title “sell all that guitar shit and buy a sequencer!” with a link to Youtube.com – and to the video of Prodigy’s ‘Out of Space” . A totally great track that I used to love and I still do. But now I am all confused. I have been there before, what I am supposed to do? I already have a sampler and a sequencer (come on, who doesn’t?) both of which I have used to make my (mostly electronic) music for more that several years now.

But am I really going backwards or not? If I am in a self-repeating loop - and many people seem to believe that pop-culture trends move around in circles at increasing speed - logically and chronologically the next thing for me would be to start listening to techno again, preferably Detroit techno, and what would be better than Underground Resistance.

But hey, in August there will be Flow 2006 festival in Kallio, Helsinki, basically in my ‘hood, and performing there will be ‘Underground Resistance [U.R.] presents Galaxy 2 Galaxy & Los Hermanos (USA)’. Is this destiny or what?

But maybe even better that that is that there is also going to be "Happy Mondays DJ Set featuring Bez (UK)", if I decide to move even further backwards in time.


Kriton Music said...

Jzzi, i believe that this is an inevitable part of an era called being a thirtysomething. Either you get lost in the nostalgia of your youth or (try to) move on.

anyway i gots to say that most new indie crap is still exactly the same it was back in the day. i mean, hiphop has moved on in 10 yrs. Rap albums now dont sound like the forst Wu disc or Illmatic. But most new indie bands wanna be either Joy Division, The Pixies, Pavement, Belle & Sebastian, Lemonheads, Nirvana or Posies (if they're really sad). Those are friggin old bands dudes. Get on with the program losers, its 2-k-friggin-6. Or even fuckin worse, if they REALLY have no taste or imagination, they wanna be Interpol from 3 ysr ago. That aint even retro dude!

enough with the rant, im gonna go now and enjoy my hyphy-sauna

Kriton Music said...

yea, and im gonna be at that Flow-festival thingy too dudes! being such a trendy and urban being and all...

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Hennyman said...

We had a great conversation covering this topic a little bit last weekend at the hyphy-sauna (or crunk-sauna, can't recall which nite it was). We basically discussed the point of playing ska music in year 2006. Yuh know the brit-influenced two-tone kinda shit with the funny ska hats and checkerboard suspenders (sum cal it white bwoy ska / college movie -ska, whateva). the 60's jamaican ska and also the 2tone-movement were cool and the music still lives on, but making music in a such a tightly controlled genre, where you only try tp reproduce new stufff that sound like the stuff from the golden era... well let's just say is not our cup of tea. Kriton Boys like to go crazy, IMO.

Anonymous said...

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Kriton Music said...

Yo, thanks Shara! I will quote good ol' Ozzy here, "We love you all!!!"

Anonymous said...

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