Tuesday, October 09, 2007

White Lobster! Praise Jah!

Guardian reported of this nice incident in the caribbean.

Local people are getting loads of free cocaine floating from the sea, 'cos the smugglers seem to drop "White Lobster" in to the sea for various reasons.

"They consider it a blessing from God. You see people all day just walking up and down the beaches keeping a lookout to sea," said Louis Perez, the police chief in Bluefields, the main port on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast."

Aren't these trafficers modern day Robin Hoods?


Anonymous said...

if deep purple were still doing their thang, they could change the lyrics of "smoke on the water" into "coke on the water" after this incident. wouldn't that be pretty cool? i think it would be.

Jussi said...

it would have to be 'FREE coke on the water', dude.

But this incident makes me want to move to Jamaica more than ever before. God Bless!