Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In your face Myspace!

As you can see from the chart above, Facebook is slowly reaching more and more people, and might be soon as big as Myspace. And now Facebook is giving more attention to musicians, giving them a possibility to create pages for their bands and promote their tracks and upcoming concerts on the site. Myspace has for long been the place to promote artists, but now it seems that FB is trying to win this battle as well. Read the article here

We gotsta get dem Kriton Boyz on the 'Book soon!


Anonymous said...

Well, basically Kriton is there, all three of us. But we need be there as a group. We need the 101 on "how to make your group succeed through Facebook". So grant us that knowledge is you have it! Spread the love! Pass the dutchie on the left hand side!

Now that blog house SO PASSÉ, I'll be damned if our "Facebook tech" movement won't be the next big thing to fill everybody's hard drives and dancefloors.

Anonymous said...

And here's MySpace's response:

"MySpace is reportedly set to follow Facebook's lead and launch an API - a move that will have have third party application developers licking their lips in anticipation. "