Thursday, October 25, 2007

'Cocaina Nella Chitarra Elettrica' & Plenty Of It!

Weeeell, we've been blogging about guitars, cocaine and traveling here, among many other things of course. Giac (thanks!) just sent a link to these 2 totally great pictures.

I cannot post the protected images here but clickclick & wonder at these:

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Courtesy of La Rebubblica and Italian Customs.

So from what little Italian I understand, that black Stratocaster arrived from Costa Rica to Fiumicino, the Rome International Airport, and only wanted to come and play some totally sweet licks for/by someone, like Eric Clapton (who is known to have indulged more than his share in the good old days) before the evil Italian Customs interfered and blew everything...


Anonymous said...

So remember to check all your instruments, if you hace purchased them second hand. You never know if your mexican made Fender has some suprising content.

Jussi said...

The guitar on the pics is a Squier, and you are so right Henny-mon, I DO HAVE A SQUIER BASS AND A SQUIER TELECASTER!

But Giacomo has the bass at the moment, goddamn!

Fiil Inc said...

yeah, im just glad my Tokai tele is japanese and i'm pretty sure couldn't be no surprises inside it.

but what about my Hofner electro-acoustic that's in the studio? i mean, it's hollow inside. you could put stuff in it, dude. i'never checked inside it so who knows what's in there (sure not 3 kilos of coke though...)

Anonymous said...

the squier bass has been hoovered, sorry

Anonymous said...

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