Sunday, October 07, 2007

RED ALERT: Nagamarque Live !!!

So, it's finally happening, our favorite Aussie-in-Finland is about to drop his first CDR on Kriton Records. The first - extremely limited edition - batch is discs is already printed and all that but for now concentrate on this:

The man & his laptop is performing live at the 10th Improv Helsinki Session on Sunday, October 7th at a very interesting new venue, The Barracks (Kasarmikatu 36, 00130 Helsinki). The show time is at eight, so be early. However, please note that Fatto Spinelli, the vocalist features on the new CDR, is unfortunately unable to participate on this gig due to other commitments but he has promised to be there for the next week, soon.

Other artists of the Improv Helsinki night are E.Coli K-15 & Ben Byrne.

Right On, Bro!


Anonymous said...

good stuff!!
i heard the man even sold some cd's there. i just have to let you know: the cd is well worth the money, for the cover alone (which was of course, done by me, but sometimes just gotta give yourself the props. plus the guys did an awesome job with the printing: the booklet is printed on see thru foil!).

yeah, and music's pretty hot too!!

Giac said...

fatto spinelli? sounds like the guy must be from skank bloc bologna or something?

Anonymous said...

sounds like jussi to me!