Friday, September 01, 2006

Attention all NYC crackheads, return all Dinosaur Jr.'s gear now!

Damn, just when I confessed my new-found love for early 1990s indie-rock, Dinosaur Jr. get their gear stolen in NYC. That sucks, attention all yo’ NYC crackheads, return all that gear immediately.

Anyhow, I am such gear whore that I hope wish they had posted pics of all of those lovely guitars.

Dinosaur Jr Gear Stolen (Long Island City, NY)
Wednesday, 30 August 2006

After a blistering set last night in Brooklyn, NY the band awoke this morning to find that their trailer had been broken into and all of the gear has been taken. J's Amma guitar, the mountain man guitar, Lou's Rickenbacker... EVERYTHING IS GONE. They are still taking inventory to see what else is gone but they were pretty much wiped out.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Spread the word to everyone you know, every music store, pawn shop, club... anywhere you can think they may show up. If you have ANY information let us know - management @ Thank you.

* Guitars:
1959 Fender Jazzmaster SN# 38927.
-decal coming off. cracked headstock at top near low E peg. color black with purple/bluish sparkle coming through. adonized pick guard gold metal. Tune-o-matic bridge gold, tuning pegs gold.

1961-3 Fender Jazzmaster SN# 62012.
-purple sparkle, black pickup covers. headstock repaired, a whole new piece of wood was glued on for the top part of the headstock under the tuners and up a 1/2” , along the whole top of the headstock. gold tune-o-matic bridge, gold tuners.

1964-5 Fender Jazzmaster SN# L21581.
-orange, white pearl pickguard, stickers we're all over it, original tuners.

Fender Purple Jazzmaster new SN# R074329.
-purple sparkle with matching headstock gold adonized guard tune-o-matic bridge.

Rory Gallagher Stratocaster new SN# R25507.
-has a big gold grover tuning peg on low E

Rickenbacker 197? Fireglo Bass SN# 4001.

B.C. Rich Warlock Bass SN# 4242413

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Hennyman said...

Sad news, but I guess there aren't many crackheads reading his blog. And if there are, they might not be from NYC. It would be nice to have some crackheads commenting here, though.