Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kriton remix business is HUUUU-GE!

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Yes it is. And to boost the image of hugeness, just imagine Donald Trump saying the title.

But it is true in a sense. During the past few weeks we have been making a couple 100% bona fide original Kriton remixes, that you will get to hear pretty soon (=as soon as something is mixed and mastered). But aside that, we have been busy doing some new remixes the old school blend-style at home. And also, don't forget that Busta Rhymes / Swizz Beatz Remix that Hennessy did a couple of weeks ago. Up there in Myspaceland as well as da Kritonville.

So there's a lot of new heat: i made the Missy Elliott / Three 6 Mafia -blend (no, dont call it a "mash-up", that's so 2003) "Fly Control" off of two urban classics from last year. That's up for listening/downloading at the Kriton MySpace page.

Also, Hennessy's mashed together a nice combo of Bone Crusher's Can't Get No Lower and revival riddim Police Inna Helicopter. If they mated? yes, that's right: Can't Get No Helicopter!!!
Also up for downloading at Kriton Myspace site today! So watch that show.

I also have two new heaters ready and out the oven (big 2006 hits), they will be posted on the myspace site soon enough. And i will tell you what they are, when they are.

And on top of that: the very cool dudes of Top Billin also promised to play some of our new remix ishh at the GRAND OPENING of their new club - Top Billin! That's on friday 29.9. at Rose Garden, Helsinki. And you should go there. Because Top Billin is the shiznitzel. if you don't know you better axx somebody.

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