Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love Spaceships. I really do.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis returned to earth and landed safely at NASA's Kennedy space Center in Florida yesterday, after 12 days in space. Hooray!

‘Yeah, so what?’, you might ask. But let's spend a minute thinking about spaceships. Spaceships are cool. In fact they are about the coolest things man has been able to conceive and build.

Let me quote NASA here: ‘The space shuttle, the most complex machine ever built, is the only spacecraft with its robust capacity. The shuttle’s capacity enables human today to build the world’s largest orbiting laboratory, paving way back to the moon, on to Mars and further into the universe.’

Flying machine that flies a bunch of people away from the earth? Whoa, dude! And just look at that picture of Atlantis landing there.

Ok, maybe there’s one flying thing almost equally cool as a space shuttle and that’s the F-117A Night Hawk, or the Stealth Fighter, but since it’s a military aircraft (and I am a pacifist) plus it cannot go into space, we can forget about it.

And when I think about things that I though were cool when I was a kid and that I still think are cool, there aren’t that many things left there, except for spaceships of course. Police cars and fire trucks? Not really. Candy and lemonade? Well, I am not really sure anymore. Chopper-bicycles; doesn’t every trendy wannabe-rocker-idiot have one of those these days? You get what I mean?

Spaceships. ‘Nuff Respect!


Hennyman said...

I am so with you bro, indeed! I think that everybody who lived their childhood somewhere in the early eighties, must remember those Spaceshuttles and the star wars politics of reaganism (not the movie, duh). I mean, on my first trip to the US back in 1984 I even visited Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I didn't actually see these babies flying, but I've still got some cool Spacehuttle stickers (with some cool E.T. ones too) to prove it.

It's friday afternoon and I'm thinking in the lines of Kanye West:

"I've been workin' this graveshift and I ain't made shit
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky

Kriton Music said...

So true! I was also thinking Kanye's Spaceship while writing my posting.

And; I still need to stress that those old skool spaces rockets, while cool too, have nothing on Space Shuttles, which are real Spaceships, hence way cooler.

Kriton Music said...

yes, you are so true. one way to scratch that spaceship itch is to buy toys. space toys. and a lot of 'em.