Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Back. Like Take That.

Hi! I’ve been taking a bit of a vacation from writing here for quite some time already. For no reason at all, apparently. Whatever, now let’s see what’s going on with everything/everyone related to the Kriton Universe ™:

The Kriton Boys

We’ve been quite busy on the Alppila studio lately, with a little help of some nice Keko, I guess. The MySpace RMX of Buddy Leezle’s track we been working on is basically ready finally. It’s gonna be da bomb. I promise.

And yea, the Kriton club night in the Vinyl Bar a while ago was a blast. So much so in fact that I guess we will not re-do it too soon again. Especially because of the regulars complaining about our sound not being smooth enough for their distinguished house music tastes.

Then Mr. Fiskars, of two of Helsinki’s most Excellent clubs TOP BILLIN’ & Kovalevy digs us too, check out his TOP 10! (Ok, you need to be logged in w/ your MySpace account to see it but we are #1 !!!)

And even more, the long-overdue video for our track ‘Scared Money’ by & the BCN posse should/could be out some time soon. It will be dope yet scary at the same time. Watch out!

NAGA!marque AKA Sandal Flamenberg

Mark has apparently also been quite busy in the Kriton Studio/Hangout in Alppila lately. There are two new and new-ish tracks on his MySpace page, both of which include some secret vocal contributions from yours truly, BTW!

The latest one, ‘Hector the Scrambler’ was released on Sunday on his MySpace-page. It’s mad beautiful and very shoegazer-y -too. It’s his most melodic and even ‘pop’ track so far. Congratulations, man.

The rumour has it that the dude might soon finally have enough tracks ready for his debut mini-album to be released by Kriton Music. There’ll be eventually a special limited hand-numbered CD-R run for all yo’ll Wire-reading peoples out there in the Internets.

On the side note, I guess that the Keko is also to be thanked here for keeping our favorite Aussie sitting tight in the studios…


Giacbot also has new lovely song, ‘Rosa Mota’ out there on his MySpace-page. It was incidentally released last Sunday just like Mark's new track. It was inspired by a long hot summer day at home in his wooden house in Kumpula, apparently. And some Velvet Underground too, I guess.

The trademark Interflug-style we all love is all there. CasioTone madness, acoustic guitar, the man himself and all, and in a very laid-back and summer-y style. Nice!

Yours Truly, Young jZ

Well, I have only one week to go here at work before going on the longest holiday of my life so far. Which is nice. My Jopo is fixed again, after being broken for months, my guitar fx pedal collection just keep growing and I have already begun growing a proper German-style moustache for the summer. Let’s see how far I can take the moustache project this time, I mean this time it’s 4REAL, maybe.


Anonymous said...

haha I'll believe the 'tache when I see it. If you really do get it and for longer than 2 weeks, I'll get you a 12 pack of Sandels, thats full price not the bargain karjala. ok?

Kriton Music said...

dude, I will take up your offer.

But you better remember that my 'tache growth is kinda slow & sparse so it will take like 2 months before it starts to look like my heroes, such as Rudolf Schneker or THE SCORPIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

jussi don't forget the mullet, remember the german motto:
Vorne kurz, hinter lang, Oberlippen Bart! (short hair on the front, long on the back and beard on your upper lip!)

If you remix rosamota you can call it 'vokuhila oliba rmx'

Anonymous said...

yes, in fact, since i'm not always on the know of what's going on with Interflug & NagaMarque camps, i have to give a big shout out to you peoples. your new stuff sounds maaaad NYCE! the kriton record execs are nodding their heads in satisfaction.

and also i wanna give shout out to Jzzi for that 'tache project. i've done that too, and i know it takes time. and to rudy schenker too.

i'm giving many shoutouts today. it seems.

*fiil inc*