Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Get the party started

If you're around in Helsinki and wondering what to do next weekend, seek no further! Next friday the Kriton Trio will be operating on the turntables @ Vinyl Bar. What you'll get there is genuine banging Kriton sound: you really can not be sure what to expect. The sound will be fresh, that's guaranteed: lot's of new Kriton remixes will be played alongside r&b, reggae, hip hop and rock.

See ya there!


Anonymous said...

Thanx to all of you who showed up. The scene was pretty Kritonic, as you would excpect. The hottest dj was Alppila, because during his set the fire alarm went off sat least 2-3 times. The sound of the alarm was quite painful actually.

Anonymous said...

YESSUR, we mashed the place up. Vinyl will never be the same again. Thanks for the staff too, especially the bartender enjoying herbals with us. And of course the trappers who were making business while we were spinning and their insane chicks.