Friday, May 04, 2007

The Eagle Has Finally Landed - The first ever Kriton Mixtape is here!

Yessiiiiir, i'm not lying to you!

This is the first ever full blooded Kriton mixtape. This little baby contains a mini-set from each Kriton member - Alppila a.k.a. Fiil Inc, Hennessy a.k.a. Hennyman & Jzzi a.k.a. Young Jzzer. The sound is ghetto through and through, there are exclusive remixes and blends, celebrity shoutuouts and innovative vocoder breaks.

The styles vary from down south rap to r&b, dancehall to roots and lovers rock, old school hiphop to electro and hippie rock. So what i need you to right now is download this lil sucka, grab a bite of that on your iPod while sippin on dat Patron and have a GOOD OLD FASHIONED P.A.R.T.Y.!

64 mins / Hella many tracks / 192 kbs/ 88 mb Download it here playboys!

Hell, why not. i'll throw in the tracklist for all you bad boys and nasty gals out there.

Kriton High School Bangers: The Eagle Has Landed - A Kriton Partymix

Kriton High School Bangers: Scared Money (Alppila’s Mixtape Edit)
Crime Mob: Rock Yo Hips
Young Jeezy: J.E.E.Z.Y
Brooke Valentine feat. Dem Franchize Boyz: Pimped Out
MIMS feat. Junior Reid & Cham: This Is Why I’m Hot (Blackout Remix)
Mike Jones: Mr. Jones
Trick Daddy feat. Baby: Tuck Ya Ice
Collie Buddz: Come Around (When Kriton Come Around Remix)
Chuck Fender: Judgement
Chuck Fender & Cherine: Comin Over Tonight
Kiprich & Delishus: Joe Grind
Bone Crusher feat Too Short & Pimp C: Can't Get No Helicopter (Hennessy Blend)
Collie Buddz: Tomorrow's Another Day
Buju Banton feat. Pinchers: Don & Dupes
Buju Banton: Driver A
Clipse feat. Slim Thug: Wamp Wamp (What It Do) (Hennessy Blend)
Shaggy: Church Heathen
Gwen Stefani feat Pharrell: Yummy (Kriton's United Ghettos Remix)
The Stooges: No Fun
Stezo: To The Max
Eazy-E: Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn
ZZ Top: Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings
J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.: Strong Island
Maggotron: Welcome To The Bass Planet
Faith No More: We Care A Lot
Cybotron: Clear
Public Enemy: Public Enemy #1
KRS-One: Sound Of Da Police
Sweet Tee: Show And Prove
Ultra Magnetic MC's: Funky
Op:l Bastards: Funking
Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times
Poppa Ron Love: I'm A Girl Watcher
3rd Bass: Steppin' In To The A.M.
Stezo: To The Max


Anonymous said...

Too bad I missed this today on the bassoradio.

Anonymous said...

yeah! Thy shall never miss a Kriton show on the radio. Hope they do re-run these shows every now & then...