Thursday, June 28, 2007

What is a party?!

This is. Alppila a.k.a. Fiilin Myself, that is me, with Big Pimpin' boss DJ Henrikki spinning records at a nice bar atmosphere in Töölö, Helsinki. Well, at least, i'll be spinning records, Henrikki will be prob'ly spinning those Serato discs that i'm so jealous of him for. Fri the 29th of June. free to get in. Nyce, innit?

But this time it's not gonna be the usual "strictly bangers" law, cos it's a bar. Along with da usual hip hop, we'll play some indie disco, soul, reggae, remixes, 80's shit and whatnot. Special treatment, peoples!


Anonymous said...

I need my fix of 80's madness. No, I do not mean the group "Madness" but the true craziness of the golden age of pop.

Kriton Music said...

that's good!!
we'll be playing some 80's gems, but i promise you, no "One Step Beyond" by Madness. And no "Our House In The Middle Of Our Street". You're safe to come!

Fiil Inc said...

again, that comment was by me, not Jzzi... i'm just the regular internet con-man, ain't i.