Thursday, June 14, 2007

Legally Blend(e)

We like blends, we like doing blends. You already know that.
That's why da Hennyman and yours truly, Fiil Inc, decided to make some new party blends. Not just any party blends. But ones that fit summertime parties. The recipe is easy: step 1) Take a "older" portion, familar to most everyone from summer parties in the past. Step 2) take a newer portion, to make it current, just right for this season.

We took the time to throw together two new tracks by that recipe and here is what you get:

- Hennessy doing his thing with vocals from Ludacris' megahit "Stand Up" and the beat from Petey Pablo's recent banger "Get Me Out Of Jail". Uptempo banger alert!

-Fiil Inc (aka Alppila) effing around with a sure fire classic beat from Was Not Was' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" version (from 1990) and Pitbull's last year's party anthem "Bojangles". Loose and funky enough to fit a bmore style or a disco set. DJ's take notice!

Enjoy these little babies at
(and ask for quality mp3's if you wish)

and ps... The LONG AWAITED Buddy Leezle remix coming up soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, blends are nice, they're so spontaneous to make.

But listennnnnn up! I just made the last adjustements to the Buddy Leezle remix, it's now mixed, mastered and screwed (yeah, u read it right). I'll just wait for the seal of approval of other Chi-Boyzz, but I guess we'll be sending some brand new stuff to Hipster Jesus pretty soon.