Saturday, January 27, 2007

Brooklyn Brewskis Spotted!

Finally. It was last summer when we first reported about Koff's promise to start importing Brooklyn Lager into Finland, but despite the marketing blurb, no Brooklyn's finest brewskis were to be found anywhere at all around here.

But now, today, I found 'em. So I can now report that yeah, they do exist. In the Alko (the state monopoly liquor store chain, yeah, we still have that upon us) of the Arabia shopping mall, hidden away on the top self between all those wierd Druid-brewed beers from Belgium. And it's damn expensive too, one bottle is about 5 times the price of any local lagers. But who cares?


Fiil Inc said...

yesssur!! it's about time!!! I guess i'm gonna have to make a trip to that Alko one of these days. Although the Arabia mall is, like, 2-3 miles from where i live... but still a lot closer than Brooklyn.

hooray for brewski!!

Anonymous said...

those babies should be available in quite many Alko stores by now. lasta nite at a party one of my mates had Brooks brooskis, and he'd shopped them from the Helsinginkatu Alko (that's the OG-alko, dont step in if youre not a pro...)

-fiil international