Monday, January 15, 2007

I Know What You Bought Last Summer

You know the feeling when you realize that your latest shopping binge went overboard and your Visa’s screaming for vengeance like Ozzy in his prime. And you start going through your receipts and price tags from your shopping bags and pockets to figure out what kind of junk you have actually purchased in the last few months/weeks/days/hours.

If you can even remotely relate to the scenario described, you can get the idea how I felt after I came across this tag in the photo above. It’s from a t-shirt i got for my son last summer. I can’t recall the precise location where this item was for sale, but it was during our road trip to Stockholm Sweden. Satans barn?? WTF?? For all you who don’t speak swedish, Satans barn means ”Satan’s baby or kid”.

So, was this intended as an omen? Is this t-shirt designed for Satan’s baby only or even worse... Was this tag actually taken from Lucifers kiddo? How did I really spend my summer vacation? Have I actually met Devil’s descendent a few months ago without knowing it? Or was my offspring mistaken for the future ruler of Beelzebub’s Palace?. The t-shirt did have a large skull on it, so I should avoid any garments resembling a dead skeleton in the future..

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kristin said...

HAHA, that's so funny. I love that. It's from the store Weekday.
And they probably just wanna be special or funny by writing that sort of stuff. (you can always hope that it is satans kids t-shirt HAHA).

they also have an upside down cross on their logo.