Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Even more free Kriton material out now!

Here come the hotsteppers! Hennessy has selected and mixed the biggest danchehall anthems and tunes that rocked the Kriton boat last year. It's all done live on two turntables and a lot of gunshots and foghorns guarantee a real banging experience. The mixtape's called "Pull Up Di Henny" and here's the best part... you can easily download it here for free. And if you like it too much, you could order the cd from us or donate a few bucks using the paypal shitstem on this page.


Anonymous said...

and also, this is not just a mix. it's a product. that means you can also download the cover art and print that ish 4 yourself. DUDE!
This Is Why We're HOT!

-fiil man-

Hennyman said...

'cos our bandwith was used up like in three friggin minutes, we hadda move dis to


get it there punk ass wimps!