Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Buy Whitney's Gear! No, not that gear....

This news is stolen from the mighty Music Thing Blog but I just could not resist:

We, who all love Whitney Houston like I do, all know about her trials, tribulations and troubles with cocaine, crack rock and Bobby Brown , her teeth and hair falling off and so on. Well, now also the tax office is after her and as consequence she is forced to auction off lot of her old live equipment and stage show props.

The auction is being held in New Jersey next Monday and I must say that there is a lot of weird stuff UTILIZED BY WORLD FAMOUS RECORDING ARTIST WHITNEY HOUSTON for sale there!

Besides a lot of “designer stage wear” (mostly Dolce & Gabbana, btw), there is a pile of old Roland keyboards, a Hammond, Bobby Brown music awards (mostly for cassette tape sales), "1 Aroma Steam Personal Sauna, in two flight cases", "'Whitney's Throne' Chair", a Lucite Grand Piano with no legs, and many old Akai samplers. Maybe there is a crack pipe hiding somewhere there as well?

But really, how sad. Let’s make fun of her now that she is still alive but she is gone we will all feel bad everytime when we listen to “I Will Always Love You”, “ I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and especially my all-time Whitney favorite, “My Love Is Your Love”.


Anonymous said...

thats one horrid fuckinpicture of the same woman who's bathing suit pic on the back of her debut album made me buy solely for that reason. eeuuughhhh

Anonymous said...

also.....we could all pitch in with some cash for the auction, buy everything, wash everything down with a wet cloth, rinse the cloth and then drink the water and get fuuuucked up maaaan!!

Kriton Music said...

holy crap! i really must say that photo is friggin horrible. surely things have not gone that far with Whitney. Or have they?

Anonymous said...

It seems that she (or was it Wyclef who wrote the lyrics to 'My Love..") saw it long time coming...

"If I lose my fame and fortune
(It really don’t matter)

And my home is on the streets
(On the streets, oh Lord)

And I’m sleeping in grand central station (okay)

It’s okay if you’re sleeping with me

As the years, they pass us by
(The years, the years, the years)

We stay young through each other’s eyes"