Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"

Oh yeah, it wasn't probably a good idea to post mixtapes into the site after all. Who was to say it's gonna be so friggin' popular. I thought only my mommy's gonna download it. So the site's down right now. Hope to get it working in a few weeks still... And we'll get a new home for the amazing Hennessy mixtape "Pull Up Di Henny!". Watch this space.

Stay fresh!

ps. That disturbing-ass pic up there is another one of those shots from the upcoming Kriton video "Scared Money".

pps. BTW, The site is down now, so you cant get the music. If you should need Kriton mp3's, hit us up on our myspace site, , we'll send you the goods.

thanks to our fresh-like-damn service providers, is online again. More bandwidth = more happiness! Go there!

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