Tuesday, April 04, 2006

K-FED the future of (baile) funk

K-FED the future of (baile) funk
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Here's the thing. That brazilian baile funk madness has been circultaing around the dj / connoisseur / hipster / nerdy fool -set for almost two years now, yet there has been no signs of mainstream acceptance for this musical mayhem. Hell, even the Kriton peoples have alreay signed the baile-friendly Spazz Out (although they refuse to call it that - instead they call it Bailu Funk - the finnish way), waiting for the big baile bucks to roll into their swizz bank accounts.

But things are about to change. The dude who got the second (or fourth) hottest chick in the game wearing his chain, the leader of the weededed, the king of the trailers, K-FED, otherwise known as Britney's hubby Kevin Federline is now doing some carioca funk influenced booty music. The track is produced by the formerly known as mr. ghetto tech (now also known for discovering Nina Sky and producing for Fiddy Cent), the one and only Disco D. And his brazilian fiancee sings the chorus.

And if that isn't shocking enough, the weedmeister (k-fed, that is) is repping bay area rap (and other good music) in the latest issue of XXL. He claims to have listened to Dru Down, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, e-40, NWA, 2 Live Crew, Digital Underground, Kool Moe Dee etc throughout his youth. His next single is gonna be "strictly for people in the south". Now how you gonna take that, all you backpackers, hipsters and fellow rap nerds?

Anyway, why am i ranting here? Go to the Kriton radio and check out K-Fed's PopoZao. BTW PopoZao means "Big Ass" in portugese. Huge surprise there!


Kriton Music said...

and don't forget to comment K-Fed's adventures in the sonic underworld! HERE:

Hennyman said...

I feel like... I mean like the Pavarottis are chasing me..and..

Question #1: Has K-fed done any reggaeton so far? I could easily imagine him giving shout outs to the chicas en los barrios.

Question #2: Should he do a grime-song next? Grime is also a pretty unknown genre to the larger audience, and I could also picture him as a Chav, wearing burberry and rapping 'bout lager, lads and nintendos.

Hennyman said...

And 1 more thing: I have suggested to the Spazz Out guys, that they should play more Bastu Funk. I foresee a promising niche in the scandinavian music markets for such a thingy.

Kriton Music said...

Nevermind the k-jerk, it's Disco D who has totally sold out himself but hey, what can you say, it is only dollarsdollarsdollads.

And I think Kevin should start doing his thing next with the South African ghetto-sound, whatever it was called.

It is the next crunk after baile funk, yo'all!