Monday, December 17, 2007

Swedish Disco Love. From Me 2 You.

New weeks, new tricks. And I'm not meaning those freestyle bike tricks Kanye is probably right now working hard to perfect on his Vigorelli track bike for his next video.

Anyhow, for some strange reason I'm really feeling THIS SONG right now: 
The Sounds - Tony the Beat (Rex the Dog Remix)

Of course it's good only because Rex The Dog remixed the original boring-ish power pop fake punk track into nice bouncy electro disco version.

And yeah, the singer chick sounds pretty hot too, in that special nasty way, with the heavy swedish accent, dirty voice, provocative lyrics and all. 

'Uuuuh baby, ja, ja, hej vill du festa med mig, vad, eller hur?'. She sounds like the type of chick you'd like to meet, yet be scared of meeting, in trendy bar at Södermalm when you're already drunk on mellan öl and in high on party mood. Don't even try to deny you wouldn't...

(FYI: Maybe I need to point out here that the singer is actually -unfortunately- neither of the girls on the cover of The Sounds' album  above. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that those lovely ladies on the cover shot are some fab real-life NYC scenesters...)


Fiil Inc said...

so hotttt!
dance music hipsters (me! me! me!) like it very much!!

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about the Sounds!!
what a great pair of tits.....both pairs.

Fiil Inc said...

btw: jzzi, i liked the tags that you gave this blog entry: södermalm, hipsters etc...

you didn't tag the boobs though.