Friday, September 21, 2007

Cycling in Helsinki. Hazardous business. And then some.

Since we been discussing different aspects of bicycles and cycling here, here, here and here, recently I wanted to bring couple of bits of information related to biking in Helsinki and in Finland that I've read on main national newspaper Helsingin Sanomat during the last two days.

Here we go. Some pro-biking propaganda, or something like that, from yours truly.

1.) Yesterday the newspaper reported a study concerning bike accidents in traffic in Finland. It turned out that according to a serious estimate while there are annually lot of bike accidents, in seventy, yeah you got it right, 70, percent of those the cyclist had been DRUNK. Like what the f**k? People please. And yeah, I've ridden my bike while intoxicated fo'sho but still.

2.) And from today's newspaper: According to survey done by the City Of Helsinki, while the citizens were most happy with the public traffic and less happy about the state of car traffic and they were least happy about the state of cycling lanes and generally thought cycling in Helsinki scary and difficult. Yeah, you got that f**cking right. Don't even get me started on this one.

Oh, and people please do remember, tomorrow, Septermer 22nd, is The Annual World Carless Day. So leave yo polluting metal cows at the parking lot tomorrow and ride yo bikes (or public traffic) instead. It's good for the environment, less car traffic is generally nicer for everybody, your health might actuallu improve and all that.

Oh, one more thing, my salvaged fixed gear bike project (pictured above) is currently taking a lil' time out since I'm still missing some crucial tools and parts but also because I already have my lovely Raleigh USA Racing Gran Prix fixie up and running AND because I just acquired yet another interesting project, and for very reasonable price too.

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