Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rock Star Phenomenon

What's up with this thing, that rappers like to rap about rock stars, about acting like rocktars and such things? First came out Party Like A Rock Star by Shop Boyz, then R Kelly's/Ludacris' "Rockstar" and now Chamillionaire's new album has a song titled "Rockstar". And to top it all Chamillionaire's "Industry Groupie" samples long parts of "Final Countdown" by Europe. Well, judge yourself, if it works...

Chamillionaire - Industry Groupie mp3


Anonymous said...

I suppose all those rapper guys are just jealous of the real rock'n'roll lifestyles, you know?

All that bling, semi-naked big booty chicks and drinkng expensive french cognac from an ugly diamont encrusted cup ain't that exciting after while.

Hardcore substance abuse, being bi-polar/borderline madman, writing your own music and songs that people actually will remember after you are not on the charts & MTV anymore and then dying young seems to be much more interesting for the public.

Just my 2 cents. Like, not 50 Cents, right?

Anonymous said...

you may be right. but i'd go for the big booty hoes any day.

Anonymous said...

OK, lemme get this straight: The Notorious B.I.G. didn't write his own songs? Who did that?

And people don't remember "Juicy", "Hypnotize" or "Mo Money Mo Problems"? Last time i played them in a club, people seemed to remember them pretty well.

And most importantly: you sure he didn't die young? Or are you one of those guys who believe he's still alive somewhere?

Rap stars are, in fact the ONLY breed of rockstars alive anymore. I mean, can you name ONE interesting rock star (and i mean someone who's actually sold many records) out there right now?
someone who's being bi-polar/borderline madman or EVEN someone who drinks alcolhol or takes anything stronger than vitamin pills?

Bono? Chris Martin? James Hetfield? Dudes from The Shins, My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy? I don't think so. Ville Valo was pretty self-destructive, until he laid off the booze. Same with the Hanoi guys, but then agian theyre glad to be still alive.

Amy Winehouse doesn't count, cos she's r&b. And Pete Doherty neither, cos he hasn't actually sold any records.

Anonymous said...

I was amamazed to see that Chamillionaire chose this song as his next single. He's shooting the video for it as we speak. I hope the guys from Europe (the band, duh!) are getting paid for this.

Anonymous said...

i'm not quite sure if ol' Joey's gonna get a cent outta this: i got the cd and the Europe dudes ain't even mentioned on the songwriting credits. And neither is the sample (which i presume is played in the studio and not actually a sample). It's produced by JR Rotem, and i don't think Cham has ever even heard about these poodle-haired swedes.