Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dude, where's my Lamborghini?

Kriton is movin again. This time it's commercial.

Yes, we just made our first leap into big budget advertising business, by making this beat for a new Lamborghini campaign, Where Is My Lamborghini?. To be exact, it is a teaser site for a future Lamborghini game (which platform, i don't really know...).

Why, you may ask. Because we friggin could. And Lambo's are cool. Plus, we got to make exactly the beat that we wanted, without no "suits" getting in the way of our creative process (read: beer drinking). So we'll definitely make more stuff like this in the future too! fun. Fun! FUN!

Art direction by, 3d and flash stuff made by some other peeps, who did a great job BTW. Don't you just love fast cars!

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