Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Turbonegro, dead whales, Kurt Cobain’s money and Gen X’s victory over the Baby-Boomers

Since I am still enjoying the rock’n’roll vibes, I want to share this great picture with all of you.

It’s of course the only real thing that Norvegians should be proud of, especially since they are currently only the country in the world (with Japan, of course) that allows the practice commercial whaling, which should be harshly condemned because is brutal and completely useless.

Anyway, the picture above is Turbonegro playing live at Ankkarock in Helsinki in August, and this is the gig after which they weren’t even able to drink all their beer as reported earlier in our blog. Aren’t they the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world? Probably. If you go there and scroll down the page a bit, there are more great Turbonegro live pics from the same gig.

Still in keeping with the rock’n’roll theme, I just read that according to Forbes’ magazines listing, Kurt Cobain was the dead rock star making most money in the world last year. Kurt, or isn't it actually Courtney and Frances Bean, earned about 50 million dollars while The King himself only made 42 million dollars.

Let’s take this as a clear indication that the baby-boomer generation with all their money are finally losing the battle and that Grunge will never die!


Kriton Music said...

this entry is obviiously too weird for anyone to comment...;)

btw: have you noticed that Juelz Santana must have some sort of a strange obsession with Kurt Cobain. Kurt's name seems to pop up in Juelz's rhymes more and more often.

Kriton Music said...

So I must comment/explain my own posting, and yeah, I agree that my stream of consciousness might have over-flowed here like the mighty Congo river during the monsoon season but anyway, my main point in the end there was that if Kurt Cobain’s and Nirvana’s music sells more and gets nowadays more airplay than Elvin, who recorded about 100 times more songs and albums during his career than Nirvana, it does have a great significance.

And you need to remember that the population cohort formed by the so –called Baby Boomer generation, who are without any doubt the main audience of Elvis’ music nowadays, is WAY BIGGER than the people who still listen to Nirvana. Our parents are also often way more wealthy than most of us and they have much more money to use in consumption while they are living their happy ‘third age’ ie. disillusion of some kind of a youthful freedom after the kids left home, they paid their mortgage and they have all the time for themselves especially after they retire. So to keep up with this they buy music they used to love when they were young, for example Elvis of course, since he is the King. And they really do consume more and more popular culture products, and for example just as Hennessy mentioned in his guitar posting, some of them are investing crazy amounts of their money on stuff like old guitars of their youth, that they never could afford when they were actually young.

Even more to add to this, people who like Elvin probably do not download illegally his music but just buy CDs while probably 97% of Nirvana fans do download a lot of it, as well as apparently buying some of it.

To me this all goes to show that we are already, if slowly, winning the generation battle against them, at least on some level. A small victory is a victory all the same.

Kriton Music said...

sorry about the typos, I did mean Elvis, not Elvin there...

Hennyman said...

I haven't read the article you are referring to, but I guess Elvin made a lot of mistakes businesswise and therefore is actually not getting all the money he's entitled to. He propably got paid in peanuts at the time, and no provisions or etc... Colonel Tom Parker ripped him off good.

And Elvin didn't write most (if any?)his own material, he was more like a perfomer. I guess the Cobain family is getting a lot of revenue not just from album sales but from copyrights to Nirvana's songs.

BUt it's still cool that Kurt's fam is livin' it large. The steady income keeps Courtney's drug habbit alive...

Hennyman said...


Nirvana might get more airtime on top-40 / rock / modern whateva radio stations, but let's face it: there are a gazillion stations al over the world playing Elvin as we speak: the Kazakshtan oldies FM, Savonmaan Paikalllisradio, China America Music Radio etc... :-)

On tv Nrvana must rule.

And I do like Nirvana more than Elvin...

Kriton Music said...

yup, i totally did get what you meant by this Elv Prez vs. Kurt Kocain controversy. that makes sense and is an intseresting sign of the times (as Prince would maybe say). we 30somethings sure love our pop culture. much more than our parents, who actually got to see the birth of it.

i'm sorry to say this, but many kids nowadays prob'ly agree with Public Enemy, when they said "Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me". that character and his music is just old boring to most kids. and very often me too.

BUT: it's the turbonegro part (and especially the PIC!) that i dont get.... oh to be fat, ugly and norwegian

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