Thursday, October 19, 2006

Summer jams

rap is good
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I'm really not usually one to look back and reflect on things, i prefer to look forward. But since this is only short-period nostalgia, i gotta say it has been one hell of a year for rap music!

I mean, no disrespect for any other types of music, the past summer was crazy-filled with excellent hiphop & r&b singles and some very good albums. I gotta say that with some exceptions, most indie rock records this year has sucked. There hasn't been many hot dancehall singles (beside Cham!) this year. Dance/electronic? naaaaah, forget about that dude.

I'll give you a list of the ghottest s**t 2006 closer to the end of the year, obviously (you cant tell yet, since there is new Jigga, Jeezy and possibly Kanye still on the way). But i'll tell you what you'll remember as "those insanely hot summer 2006 tunes"... in, say 3 years to come.. Yes. these are all BIG hits, but after a couple of years, that IS all you will remember.

- Ross: Hustlin' (did anyne doubt that for a sec? no, i didnt think so)
- Jibbs: Chain Hang Low
- Cassie: Me & You
- E-40: Tell Me When To Go
- T.I.: What You Know
- Yung Joc: It's Going Down
- Kelis: Bossy
- Field Mob ft Ciara: So What
- Ghostface: Back Like That
- Too Short: Blow The Whistle
- 8Ball & MJG: Ridin' High
- The Pack: Vans
- Lupe Fiasco: Kick Push
- Chamillionaire: Ridin

Along with some 20 more songs, these will be the jams you'll remember summer 2006 of. This is what i think. Save the list and check for yourself after a couple of yrs.
Rap is still number one.


Hennyman said...

A good list indeed. Here's a few of my faves besides those bangers...

* Ding Dong - Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up
* Dem Franchise Boyz - I Think They Like Me
* Dem franchise Boyz - Lean Wit It Rock Wit It
* Bun B feat. Lil Keke - Draped Up
* Tony Matterhorn - Dutty Wine
* Lil Wayne - Mo Fire
* Birdman & Lil Flip - Stunting Like My Daddy
* Kanye West f. Lupe F. - Touch The Sky
* Busta Rhymes - NY Shit
* Rick Ross f. Akon - Cross That Line
* Nelly Furtado f. Timba - Promiscuous Girl
* Da Musicianz - Girls I Know
* Sean Paul- Give It Up To Me
* Dj Khaled f. Kanye, etc. - Grammy Family
* Pimp C - I'm Free

and hate to say it but it's true...

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Kriton Music said...

Officially I don't even listen to rap music anymore, at least not at home since I am a metal hipster now (I will blog about that very soon...), but let me at least try to list some of my preferred this years' "urban" tunes.

These are not in any order and I will not include here any tunes already mentioned, even if Ding Dong's 'Bad Man Forward' is the really best tune of the year:

Spank Rock: Rick Rubin
Djala: Remember Me
Fat Freddy’s Drop: Cay’s Crays
Choklate/Chali 2 Na: Waitin’
D’nell: This Thing
Aloe Blacc: Whole World
Blood Sisters: Ring My Bell
Rich Medina: Too Much
Choklate: Heavy

...and I forget so many good tracks since I am at the office now.

Hennyman said...

Must add Collie Buddz: Come Around. A tru killa chune!!!

Hennyman said...

MOre to come as the year grows older: The Game - It's Okay (One Blood)