Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shit on the streets

I almost stepped on this on my street couple of days ago:

(So that other dogs and dog-owners don't get blamed for this!!!)"

Makes sense to me.
Who doesn't like dogs and who likes shit on the street?


Hennyman said...

These things make me wonder that the government should give away free PSP's or other forms of entertainment to the elderly / unemployed / feeble-minded citizens so that they would stay occupied and woulnd't spend too much time on writing notes and sticking the into piles of dog/human crap.

Hennyman said...

p.s. I do think that piles of crap on the streets are truly annoying, especially when they meet your box fresh sneakers, and you don't realize it until it's way too friggin insanely late to do any friggin thang about it. Been there, done that, and messed up my ride.

Kriton Music said...

Oh, that was a good point there; there's a park next us and a bunch of winos and drunkies spend their summer days there every day all day and as a consequence a pile of shite on the ground around here on our 'hood is not necessarily left behind by a dog...