Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AdSense is getting out of hand & Dalai Lama

Those AdSense ad links up there are getting getting way too wierd. Erickson Sky Cranes? Come again?

AdSense is supposed to scan thru the text of our blog and to offer links to stuff that should/could intrest people reading our posts but sometimes those links are just too far out there. Yo Google! Get a grip. Anyhow people, even though I am not supposed to say this as it apparently against some rules, please click on thosew Adsense links as many times as you like. Every click earns us €€€, in theory at least. Thanks!

* * * UPDATE!!! * * *

Right after I posted this, the AdSense link changed into "Himalayan Heli Skiing Adventure"-thing, which brings me into completely different subject: His Holiness Dalai Lama, the 14th Dalai Lama, the Spiritual Leader of Tibetan people , who is in exile in India because of China having taken over Tibet, and who I have enormous respect for, mainly because I used to be big Beastie Boys fan I guess, is currently visiting Helsinki.

Well, my pregnant girlfriend claims to have seen him yesterday in downtown Helsinki, checking out latest mobile phone models at a DNA store. At least she saw a tibetan buddhist monk shopping for a new mobile phones. Whether it was actually Dalai Lama or not, I am very disappointed that she DID NOT go to that monk and ask him to hold his hand on her belly to give a blessing or to transfer some good vibes or something to our baby. Damn.

But remember this: FREE TIBET !!!

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Hennyman said...

Dalai Lama iz da man.