Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We invented the REMIX

Last friday we got into our little studio. The intention was of course the brand new Kriton High School Bangers remix for our man Buddy Leezle, but also to have a spring season bash. Mind you, the last time we had a party at the studio was "Jr. X-mas", when we did the Collie Buddz "Come Aroud" remix.

MPC's, vocoder, guitars and synths were heated. Beer and Jameson was flowing and even some odd herbal scent was in the air.
The results can be heard a tad bit later, when we get the time to record all that strangeness from the MPC. But as far as we remember, shit was real bangin... that trademark Kriton boom.

These pics were taken by yrz truly Fiil Inc and Mr Hennyman himself on his Nokia cell. So you know the picture quality's gonna be off the meat rack. As u see.

After the studio session we paid a visit to Top Billin club, this time at Kuudes Linja in Kallio. And, as usual, it was da bomb. Massive props to da TB set, they even played Boyfriend by Avril lavigne, as well as the usual bmore, electro and crunk bizness.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, last friday was a banger. I specially like the pic where we are recording the tapping of the old mac keyboards.

And I liked the "Hate it or love it / I like to smoke marijuana" -blend that Top Billing guys played later that nite. What was it by the way?

Anonymous said...

yes, it's da ish. nenis has played that tune in bassoradio quite often, although i don't know who it's by. let's see if google can help me...

Anonymous said...

google got me nowhere. oh yeah, the vocal is obviously Linval Thompson's "I Love Marijuana", but the originator of this blend remains unknown.

People tell us if you know!


Anonymous said...

Sir Nenis is da Man. Yuh Da Man! Man!

Anonymous said...

BTW I just realized that this great day was 20.4. And all reefer-gorillaz dedicated to this kind of symbolism know what this day is famous for....

Anonymous said...

you are too right!
for the rest of u - who are not into smoking trees, be aware: