Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Kriton mixtape in sight, prepare for landing...

Yep. You heard it right.

Finally, the 1st ever Kriton mixtape, featuring a set from alla three Kriton dudes is now finished. It's called The Eagle Has Landed - A Kriton Party Mix. And it's a gem.

64 mins, shitload of trax.
Mixing style ranges from ghetto style to smooth, while the sound stays rugged.

Musical styles: far too many to mention... i'll just list some tracks, and you'll prob'ly get some sort of picture:

Kriton High School Bangers: Scared Money (unreleased mixtape version)
MIMS: This Is Why I'm Hot (Reggae remix)
Trick Daddy ft. Baby: Tuck ya Ice
Collie Buddz: Come Around (Kriton Come Around remix)
Shaggy: Church Heathen
Chuck Fender: Comin Over Tonight
Clipse: Wamp Wamp (What It Do) (Hennessy Blend)
Gwen Stefani: Yummy (Kriton Remix)
The Stooges: No Fun
JVC Force: Strong Island
Faith No More: We Care A Lot
Cybotron: Clear

...etc etc etc etc...

Download info coming later!
Watch this space and the Kriton Myspace ( for details, homie!!

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