Monday, February 19, 2007

To Baldly Go Where No (Wo)Man Has Gone Before.

In the series of past pop princesses gone sad and weird, Britney is number one at the moment. A few marriages/divorces, almost dropping a baby, public flashing, constant drunk and disorderly have kept her in the headlines for some time now. And now she went Sigourney Weaver and cut a true Sinead O'Connor. What's up with that??

I bet Paris ain't gonna be sipping Cris with her that often after this stunt. I mean, sporting the "12 year old catholic school boy" -look ain't that hot, at least in the world of bling and fame.

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Anonymous said...

There was also the news about Britney going to get some tiny little tattoos after the haircut and the tattoo-artsist told the newspapers that B was screaming in agony and being generally "the most difficult customer ever..."